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The Song Revolution Podcast

Nashville Christian Songwriters exists to empower Christian songwriters worldwide. The Song Revolution Podcast is here to empower you through valuable songwriting insights, inspiration, and interviews with some of the greatest songwriters, producers, arrangers, artists, and creatives in the industry and beyond. Find out more at

Jul 15, 2019

Are you an aspiring singer-songwriter wondering how to get heard by the right people in Nashville? Do you have a testimony and wondering how to become a successful songwriter online or through songwriting contests? Are you struggling with technique and wondering where the best songwriting classes are and...

Jul 8, 2019

This is a FUN one, Y'all! Gordon Mote is a legendary session player around Nashville, known for his work with Rascal Flats, Faith Hill, George Strait, Dolly Parton, and... well... the list is endless. Gordon is also a wildly successful artist and songwriter in his own right.

We let this one go a bit longer than usual...

Jul 1, 2019

Are you afraid of being rejected? Be honest with yourself - do you want other people to approve of you? We all want love and affirmation from our peers, and creatives are even more sensitive to that.

Today, John Chisum sets the stage to help you overcome your fear of rejection, and boost your confidence as a songwriter,...

Jun 24, 2019

Is it possible to keep your testimony fresh after telling it night after night on tour in different cities - in front of different crowds - before thousands of people? Listen in now as founder/lead singer of Seventh Day Slumber, Joseph Rojas, shares his testimony of deliverance from a $400 a day cocaine habit - through...

Jun 17, 2019

Have you ever wondered if there was just one step between you and the kind of impact you want with your songs?

Do you get frustrated with all the noise out there promising you things they can’t deliver - - all the hype and clamoring about their version of success if you do it their way?

Or do you ever pray and ask...